Who can use EstateGenie?

Gated Communities/Estates, Multi-Use properties, Hotels, Office Complexes. Any property or Facility occupied by different people which requires some coordination can use EstateGenie.

What are the requirements for using EstateGenie?

A Laptop for the facility manager or Administrator. A Smart phone for the residents.

How quickly can we commence using EstateGenie?

Once you contact us and we sign a contract you can commence using EstateGenie.




Do I require servers??

No, EstateGenie is hosted in the cloud.

Do you provide Training?

Although EstateGenie is a very easy to use software we would provide training.

Can I customize or request for additional features?

Yes, one of our Business Analyst would engage you to understand your requirements and we would propose the best approach. However, this comes at a cost.

Can I integrate to other applications?

Yes, as long as that application or those applications have integration APIs, proper documentation and company representatives we can engage. However, this comes at a cost.

We already use spreadsheet or a system to manage some aspects of our Estate. Can this be migrated?

Yes, we can migrate your existing data into EstateGenie. However, this comes at a cost.


EstateGenie Usage


Who can use EstateGenie?

Estate Administrators, Estate Residents, Home owners / Managers, Estate Personnel (Security, Handymen), Facility managers.

Which phones can use the app?

EstateGenie works on any Andriod or IOS smart phone.

As an administrator how do I commence using EstateGenie?

You’ll get an email to activate your account. Once activated, login and commence setting up your estate. We are on hand to support you through the process.

As a resident how do I commence using EstateGenie?

Confirm that your Estate or Facility as subscribed to EstateGenie. Go to your App Store or Play Store and download EstateGenie. Sign up selecting your Estate or Facility.

I have multiple apartments in my Estate, do I need multiple accounts?

No, you can manage multiple apartments in the same Estate or multiple Estates with EstateGenie using a single account.

Can multiple persons within an apartment use EstateGenie?

Yes, EstateGenie allows you to register additional people who can also download the app and use it independently to manage your apartment.